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Best Pregnancy Pillow for Tall Women

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As a tall woman, you know that it can be hard to find the right pillow for optimal support during your pregnancy. You need something long enough to accommodate your height, but also comfortable enough to prevent any aches and pains from developing. 

Luckily for all moms to be out there, there are plenty of specially designed pregnancy pillows on the market – ones that provide much-needed relief and help take pressure off your back and neck while you sleep. So, whether you’re looking for an extra-long body pillow or one with special features like arm support, you come to the right place!
Mama, I’ve got you covered! You’re about to discover an exciting sleeping solution that’s perfectly suited to tall pregnant ladies like you!

Pregnancy Hip Pain - Pregnancy Pillow can be Your Solution!

Pregnancy Pillows Are Vital for Tall Women

As a tall woman, pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time. Standard pillows are often too short to properly support and cushion your body, leading to unnecessary pain and discomfort. Pregnancy pillows offer additional length and support for taller women, allowing them to achieve the full-body comfort they need.

Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes and sizes

Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes and sizes, providing support for the back, neck, and other areas of the body that may become strained during pregnancy. These specially designed cushions also help alleviate some of the aches associated with carrying a baby while also providing comfortable arm rests. Whether you’re looking for extra-long U-shaped pillows or one with special features such as shoulder stabilizers, there’s something out there perfect for supporting your growing bump!

Pregnancy pillows are essential for staying comfortable throughout your pregnancy

Not only can a pregnancy pillow provide relief when sleeping or resting in bed but it can also help make it easier to move around without putting too much strain on your body. When sitting up in bed or getting out of the car, using a pillow as leverage will help reduce any pressure off your lower back while maintaining proper posture throughout the day.

All in all, having the right pregnancy pillow is essential if you want to stay comfortable through each trimester of your journey into motherhood. Not only will it give you relief from aches at night but it will also make moving around much easier during the day – giving both you and baby peace of mind! So don’t wait – check out our top 5 picks below to find the perfect solution for better sleep today!

Why Tall Women Need Special Pregnancy Pillows

Why Tall Women Need Special Pregnancy Pillows

For tall women, pregnancy can be a difficult time, with added pressure on the back and neck due to their increased height. It is essential that pregnant women have support when they sleep, but often traditional pillows are not long enough to provide enough support for tall women. Pregnancy pillows can help to make sure that tall women receive the extra length and support that they need.

Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types and can help alleviate back pain, neck pain, and improve circulation. They also make it easier for tall women to move around during the day and get in and out of bed more easily. As well as providing comfort during pregnancy, a good quality pregnancy pillow can also help improve sleep quality by helping position the body correctly while sleeping.
This is super important for tall women who may find it difficult to get comfortable if they’re unable to use a pillow that’s long enough to support them properly.

Pregnancy Pillows Designed for Taller Women Can Also Reduce Insomnia

Using a pregnancy pillow designed specifically for taller bodies can also reduce symptoms of insomnia which are sometimes associated with being pregnant. The extra length provided by these longer pillows helps ensure your head and neck remain in an optimal position throughout the night so you’re able to achieve deeper sleep more quickly.

Overall, pregnancy pillows are essential for tall women as they provide extra length and support which standard sized pillows cannot offer them; relieving back pain, neck pain; improving circulation; making it easier to move around during the day; helping alleviate aches & pains associated with carrying & lifting heavy items; reducing heartburn symptoms; preventing carpal tunnel syndrome; improving sleep quality; reducing shoulder pain & finally reducing insomnia symptoms caused by being pregnant

The Benefits Of Using a Pregnancy Pillow

The Benefits Of Using a Pregnancy Pillow

Relieving any physical discomfort

In addition to providing relief from physical discomfort, using a pregnancy pillow also makes it easier to move around during the day and provides more comfort when getting in or out of bed. The wider shape provides additional cushioning for side-sleepers who experience hip or shoulder pain when lying on their sides at night as well. Moreover, many pregnant women suffer from insomnia due to stress or anxiety about delivering their baby; this same amazing sleeping solution can help take away those worries by providing additional comfort through the night.

Comfortable and intuitive sleeping solution 

For expectant mothers looking for a way to ease physical pain or worrying thoughts about childbirth, investing in a pregnancy pillow may be just what you need! This simple yet effective sleeping solution offers numerous benefits that will ensure your body gets plenty of restful sleep so you can enjoy your time as an expecting mother without unnecessary discomforts weighing you down.

How to choose the best pregnancy pillow for tall women

Size matters

When it comes to choosing the best pregnancy pillow for tall women, size matters. Tall women often have difficulty finding a pillow that is long enough to support their bodies, so it’s important to choose one that is the right length for you. Look for a pillow that will adequately support your back and neck, and one that can be easily adjusted as your body changes throughout your pregnancy.


Comfort is also essential when selecting a pregnancy pillow. Choose a pillow with soft, breathable fabric like cotton or bamboo to ensure maximum comfort. Additionally, make sure the cover of the pillow can be removed and washed easily – this will help keep your pillows clean and hygienic over time.


The shape of the pregnancy pillow is an important factor too. Depending on where you experience discomfort while sleeping, look for a unique shape that will provide optimal support in those areas. For example, if you experience pain in your lower back, opt for a U-shaped pregnancy pillow as this provides extra support in that area; or if you struggle with neck pain, select one with an adjustable neck roll so you can customize it to fit comfortably 

The top 5 pregnancy pillows for tall women

Finding the right pregnancy pillow for tall women can be daunting. To help you make an informed decision, here are five of the best pregnancy pillows for tall women that offer full body support and can also be used as nursing pillows:

The Boppy Full Body Pillow

The Boppy Full Body Pillow is designed to provide full body support during pregnancy with a unique U-shape design that comfortably cradles your head, neck, back and belly. It’s filled with a breathable microfiber fill to keep you cool while sleeping and the cover is removable and machine washable.

 provide full body support during pregnancy

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is ideal for taller women who need extra support in their abdomen, lower back and hips. This pillow has a unique contoured design that follows your body’s natural curves to reduce pressure points and promote better alignment while sleeping. The cover is made from soft cotton fabric and can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow was designed specifically for pregnant women who struggle with back pain or discomfort due to height differences between them and their partner in bed. It’s ergonomically designed to provide full body support from head to toe with its C-shaped design that wraps around your entire body like a cocoon providing perfect comfort throughout the night.

snoogle pregnancy pillow

The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow is great for taller moms looking for support in both their upper and lower bodies during pregnancy or recovery post-birth. Its large size allows it to accommodate any size frame while offering full-body coverage which helps relieve aches, pains, stiffness and tension throughout the night no matter what position you sleep in – side, stomach or back!

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Last but not least is the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – this one was created specifically with taller moms in mind! It comes with two kneelers so that you can get additional cushioning on either side of your body when lying on your side or stomach during pregnancy or postpartum recovery time – these are adjustable too so that you can customize them according to the size of your frame! Plus its hypoallergenic fill ensures maximum comfort without sacrificing quality – perfect choice for all pregnant moms out there!

A Few Last Words

Mom, if you are tall and feel that pregnancy is a bit more challenging for you than for others, you are not wrong.
It’s not another general blog post. It’s my own experience written from my own perspective. The pregnancy pillow really helped make my pregnancy easier! Please buy one for yourself, and try it too. It can change your entire pregnancy!

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