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Can Side Sleepers Use Pregnancy Pillow?

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A pregnancy pillow is an excellent option for any pregnant woman who needs to get proper sleep. You see, poor sleep in pregnancy raises the chances of preterm delivery, hypertension, and even gestational diabetes. However, if you have been pregnant before, you know that getting adequate sleep is easier said than done. The third trimester can be especially challenging due to the large belly that can make sleeping quite uncomfortable.

Side Sleeping Is Safe And Pregnancy Pillow Can Help You Get More Comfortable

Research shows that sleeping on your side, especially from 28 weeks of pregnancy, is the safest option for both mother and child. Side sleeping promotes good blood circulation, which is important for your baby, and helps ease back and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy. But some women may find side sleeping uncomfortable because of how it can cause the spine and hips to twist. In these cases, pregnancy pillows can offer the support needed to maintain a good sleeping posture.

Pregnancy pillows help keep your spine and pelvis aligned so that there is no strain or pain while you sleep. They also help pregnant women find the perfect position for optimal sleep. This perfect position varies with the changes in a pregnant woman’s body, so having a pregnancy pillow can help keep you comfortable. Your comfort will mean that you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, benefiting you and your baby’s health.

Can Side Sleepers Use Pregnancy Pillows?

Yes, side sleepers can absolutely use pregnancy pillows. In fact, pregnancy pillows were designed specifically to support side sleepers get comfortable. Towards the late stages of pregnancy, all women become side sleepers because it is the only comfortable and safe position left. 

The difference comes in the preference of the pregnant mothers. Some women prefer full-length body pregnancy pillows that wrap around their whole body to offer support at multiple points. Other pregnant women would rather have a wedge-type pregnancy pillow that can fit in specific places as needed. Usually, women who choose wedge pillows either find the body pillows too bulky and hot or don’t like how it keeps their partner away. 

Which Pregnancy Pillow Is Best For Side Sleepers?

The best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers is this U-Shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow. This pillow offers the best full-body support, cradling you from head to toe. In addition, the 100% cotton cover is comfortable, durable, easily removable, and machine washable. The pillow cover is also resistant to pilling and static for maximum comfort of both mother and child.

This full-body pregnancy pillow is soft yet firm, giving you both excellent comfort and adequate support to truly rest your tired body. It is also versatile in its functions as beyond aiding in sleep, the pillow offers excellent support when breastfeeding, reading, or watching TV. Measuring 23.5 by 47.5 inches, this pillow is just large enough to offer maximum support without being overbearingly bulky. With all these qualities, it is little wonder why this pillow is the best for side sleepers.

Which Pregnancy Pillow Is Best For Side Sleepers?

Final Words 

If you think that a side sleeper pregnancy pillow is an unnecessary expense, you’re mistaken. Part of preparing your body for conception and pregnancy is ensuring that you have all the physical support possible, which must include a pregnancy pillow. You cannot put a premium on sleep, and no, your regular pillows will not work just as well as a pregnancy pillow. So do your baby and you a favor and pick out a pregnancy pillow today, okay?

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