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Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow During the First Trimester?

Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow During the First Trimester?

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Many women find sleep difficult during pregnancy, so if you’re struggling to sleep well during pregnancy, you’re not alone!

The combination of physical discomfort, changing hormones, excitement and anxiety about becoming a new mother can cause sleep problems. According to studies, at least 50% of pregnant women will suffer from insomnia while they are pregnant.

Getting enough sleep is an important part of prenatal care, and so I’ve gathered below the most common questions about this topic, all based on my own experiences! Now you can learn how to sleep better when you are pregnant during your first trimester. 
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Why Is Sleep So Important During Pregnancy?

  1. Getting quality sleep during pregnancy is important for both mother and baby, since sleeping is a time when the body resets and repairs itself. 
  2. Sleep plays a significant role in memory, learning, appetite, mood, and decision-making – all of which are important when you prepare to welcome a newborn into your home.
  3. Sleep helps to maintain your immune system, which is suppressed during pregnancy. 
  4. In addition, sleep plays a critical role in how your body reacts to insulin; not getting enough results in higher blood sugar levels, raising your risk of gestational diabetes.

What Is the Best First Trimester Sleeping Position?

In the first trimester your sleep patterns are largely influenced by elevated progesterone levels, which are necessary to support the pregnancy, but may make you feel more tired and warmer than usual.

The good news is that during the first trimester you can sleep in any position you like! Although it is a good idea to start practicing side sleeping, as studies indicate that left side sleeping is the best position for your fetus and you during later pregnancy. As your baby grows, side sleep will improve circulation by preventing uterine pressure on veins, organs, and the back.
If you are sleeping on your back or stomach regularly, switching to side position early may assist you in making the transition.  

Pregnancy Pillow Guide

How Can You Sleep Better at Night During The First Trimester?

As your body changes and your belly grows week after week, you’re going to want to make comfort your number-one priority!. Here are my top tips to getting a good night’s sleep in your first trimester and into your post pregnancy period. 

Surround Yourself With Pillows

When you’re pregnant, pillows are your best friends. I can recommend the leg crossing position for the first trimester of pregnancy. Lie on your back with a pillow between your legs and another behind your back – or any pillow combination that helps you sleep. Your body will probably adapt to this new position over time.

Shop for the Right Pregnancy Pillow for Your Body

Just like no two pregnant women are the exact same, neither are pregnancy pillows. You’ll find a variety of sizes and styles, and with so many options available, you’re sure to find the right one for you. Whether you are looking for a pregnancy pillow to support your legs or your upper body, or you want to cuddle with it for a nap in the afternoon, you definitely want to check out my guide to choosing the right pregnancy pillow HERE.

Try Different Solutions 

Yes, I admit it – sometimes pillows don’t work. If even the best pillows cannot help you sleep better, try lying in a semi-upright position in a recliner (if you have one) rather than in a bed.

Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow During the First Trimester?

The use of a pregnancy pillow is not predetermined by a specific time, but you can start using it whenever you feel uncomfortable when changing positions while sleeping. As pregnancy progresses, the belly starts to expand significantly, causing ligaments and other parts of the body to ache due to the added weight. A maternity pillow would come in handy at this point in time. 

Quick Summary: Pregnancy Pillows to Help You Sleep During the First Trimester

Pregnancy PillowBest For
Bluestone’s Mini U-Shaped Pillow Shoulders, back, and neck pain relief
Queen Rose’s U-Shaped Full Body PillowTall Pregnant Ladies 
Milliard’s U-Shaped Pregnancy PillowAdjustable from sleeping to reading to working with laptop on your lap
PharMeDoc Pillow With Cooling CoverGreat for summer pregnancy 
DMI Side Sleeper PillowPerfect for in the car or in travel
PharMeDoc C-Shape Full Body PillowFull Body support for your back, hips, knees, neck and head

Full Review: My Favorite Picks for Pregnancy Pillows to Help You Sleep During the First Trimester

1.For Shoulders, Back, and Neck Pain Relief: Bluestone’s U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Bluestone’s Pain Relieving U-Shaped Sleeping Bed Pillow is designed to promote healthy sleeping posture by reducing neck and back strain. Featuring a built-in ear pocket on either side, this pillow will keep your head and neck well-positioned all night long if you sleep on your side. It can also function as a travel pillow !

2.For Hot Summer Pregnancy: PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow With Cooling Cover

The u-shaped pregnancy pillow from PharMeDoc offers you all the support your body needs… and so much more. This contoured pillow embraces your whole body in a gentle hug with a detachable segment that can be used as a stand-alone pillow.

As a bonus, hot sleepers will enjoy it as well, since its cooling cover easily disperses heat to keep you cool at night. One of the best things about this pillow is how easy it is to clean. Simply throw it into the washing machine! No extra care needed.

3.Great For Tall Pregnant Ladies: Queen Rose’s U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow is an impressive sixty-five inches long, which means that it can provide support pretty much to your entire body as it is long enough to do so. Featuring an ergonomic shape and premium filling, it is both soft and supportive. But you can just as easily remove some of the padding if you find it to be a bit too stuffed.  

4.Adjustable From Sleeping to Reading to Working With a Laptop on Your Lap: Milliard’s U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

As you progress from trimester to trimester, it’s not uncommon to notice aches and pains you didn’t have before you got pregnant. Thus, having an ergonomic u-shaped pregnancy pillow is crucial. Due to this, Milliard pillows are designed to be extra comfortable for individuals who experience constant changes in their bodies.

This pregnancy pillow is super versatile, with memory foam filling that can be adjusted to fit your needs, allowing you to get the exact amount of support you need.

5.Perfect for in the Car or in Travel: DMI Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

For some pregnant women, staying home and nesting is the very essence of perfection. Still, there are moms-to-be who may want to get out and travel the world before the baby arrives. Whatever your reason may be, choosing the DMI pregnancy pillow is a good idea. The compact shape of this pillow will help keep your neck, back, and shoulders aligned. 

6.Full Body Support for Your Back, Hips, Knees, Neck and Head: PharMeDoc C-Shape Full Body Pillow 

The C-shaped pregnancy pillow is a great way to feel cozy in bed during pregnancy. While sleeping on your side, you can wrap the curved pads of this pillow around your body, giving you added support on your neck, head, back, and pelvis. 

Final Words

Mama, don’t forget to maintain a good sleep hygiene routine at all times, and make sure to keep your sleep wellness at the top of your priority list. So find the best sleeping position that is comfortable for you and the perfect pregnancy pillows to make it work!

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