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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings

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When you’re pregnant, the food cravings are endless! With the right snack, you can keep your growing body energized with essential nutrients without skipping the fun of eating and snacking. This article is packed with healthy snacking ideas based on my own experiences. From sweet to salty to premade to homemade – there is something for everyone! 

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings

About Healthy Pregnancy Snacks for the Hungry Mom-to-Be!

During your pregnancy little nibbles can be easier to stomach when you’re dealing with stomach issues like nausea, cravings and food aversions in the early weeks of pregnancy

Whether they’re whole grain snacks or homemade snacks with protein and not too much sugar, the choices are endless and you can even make them at home.Here are few of my favorite snack ideas you can have throughout your pregnancy that will keep you and your growing baby healthy, nourished, and energized.

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks Tips For Every Trimester

Healthy Dry Snacks for Pregnancy

While every pregnant woman has their own cravings, the best option is often that good old dry snack. It can be homemade granola bars or whole grain crackers, the options are endless, and the benefits too:

Nausea – Dry foods can be helpful for those of us suffering from ongoing nausea during pregnancy (like myself). By eating dry crackers in the morning you can slightly reduce your morning sickness (trust me, I know all the tricks!).

Packet with Fibers – dry granola bars or salty crackers are loaded with protein and B vitamins. 

Digestion – such dry snacks often contain whole grains, nuts, and dried fruit, which contributes to preventing pregnancy constipation. If you are suffering 

Healthy Dry Snacks Ideas for Pregnancy

Trail Mix –  Nourishing your growing body has never been easier! Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are packed with protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep you full for hours. Make sure to get an unsalted, natural mix. You can also add dark chocolate chips to your mix, and you are ready to go!

Popcorn – A whole grain food such as popcorn provides more nutrients than numerous other snacks!  Add your own seasonings to make things more interesting, such as Parmesan cheese, cinnamon, or roasted sunflower seeds.

Granola Bar – There are endless options for these pre-wrapped granola bites, perfect for grabbing and eating on the go. There are many great options available on the market, including these incredibly addictive options.

Having a late-night craving but want to stay healthy? We've got you covered!

Light Evening Snacks for Pregnancy

One of the common symptoms of pregnancy is heartburn, especially at night-time. Many pregnant women try to avoid eating before bed to ease their heartburn. However, a light dinner in the evening can help you avoid this dilemma without contributing to your heartburn. Eating a light meal before bed can aid digestion without adding to your heartburn or straining the stomach.

Light Evening Snacks Ideas

The Classic Snack, Avocado on Toast For pregnant women, this traditional combination makes the perfect evening snack. Avocados are packed with nutrients that are important during pregnancy, including folate, potassium, and healthy fats. Mash up half an avocado, and smear it on whole grain toast. Add a squeeze of lemon, and you’ve got a fiber-filled snack. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs with Crackers -Hard-boiled eggs are packed with calcium, vitamin A, and protein. Each hard-boiled egg provides 2 percent of the recommended daily calcium intake and 6 percent of the recommended daily vitamin A intake. This snack is a total win for moms-to-be.

Salty (and High protein) Snacks for Pregnancy

Salty (and High protein) Snacks for Pregnancy

Food that is high in protein is essential for your baby’s growth and development. During my pregnancy, I was always looking for salty snacks – and I wanted to share with you my favorite ways to stay fueled and full.

Salty Snacks Ideas

Hummus Dip With Veggies – This snack is my favorite midday snack because it’s a great source of protein! Here’s how it works: Both veggies and hummus are high in protein and healthy fats, which help promote gut health and feed good bacteria in your gut. You can choose vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, and celery that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will help you stay healthy during pregnancy.

Roasted Chickpeas – Treat yourself with these satisfying snacks, and be careful, you can eat the whole batch at once! Make your own by baking canned, drained and rinsed chickpeas with olive oil and your favorite seasonings until crispy, the result is a crunchy and crispy snack. If you want you can add cubes of feta cheese and you got yourself a whole meal. If you are not in the mood to stand in the kitchen (summer pregnancy, right?) you can buy pre maid chickpeas snacks, the option are endless, HERE some you can try!

Final thoughts 

There will always be food cravings when you’re pregnant, and it’s okay to indulge yourself occasionally and eat your favorite dish. On a daily basis, prepare your meals and snacks to support your diet, and when you shop for groceries remember what your body needs throughout these nine months. And if you try one of the tips or tricks I talked about in this article, let me know what becomes your favorite snack! 

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