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How To Sleep With C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

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A pregnancy pillow is a worthy investment because it serves you during pregnancy and afterward. Instead of having five or six regular pillows in bed, you only need one pregnancy pillow to cover all the areas requiring support, such as the back, tummy, legs, head, and pelvis. The secret however is to find the right shape for you and know how to position it when sleeping.

All About C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

I recommend a c-shape pregnancy pillow for most moms because it gives full body support without taking over the entire bed. It provides excellent support for your tummy and back area and also helps relieve pelvic tension and water retention in your legs.

This type of pillow is also very flexible, and you can position it in several ways to maximize comfort. What’s more, your significant other won’t feel left out because the pillow only blocks one side of the body.

The only problem is that you must adjust the pillow every time you turn to the other side, depending on where you need more support.

A c-shape pregnancy pillow is perfect for you if you;

  • Want full-body support and are comfortable sleeping on your side.
  • Struggle with back pain.
  • Have a smaller bed.
  • Don’t toss and turn in your sleep.
  • Are short or medium size.
  • Are a plus-size woman who needs a versatile pillow.
  • Prefer the riding position.

How To Sleep With C Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

A c-shape pregnancy pillow surrounds your body from head to toe on one side, and the ears come up a little bit on the other side. Knowing that, you have to position yourself and the pillow to provide support where you need it most so you can sleep comfortably.

Ideally, you should;

Sleep on your side

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends sleeping on your side when pregnant. This alleviates pregnancy-induced issues like back pain, breathing problems, low blood pressure and stillbirths. Thankfully, your own body will let you know when it’s time to start sleeping on your side full-time because every other position will be impossible or extremely uncomfortable.

In this position, wrap the u-shape pillow behind you like a lover spooning you.

Put the pillow between your legs and arms

The top tail of the C should be beneath your head and neck, while the lower part goes between your legs (knees and thighs). One ear of the C will come in front of your face, allowing you to place one arm under it for comfort, and the other ear will support your pelvic area and your stomach.

This is the most natural and best way to sleep with a c-shape pillow. The pillow basically supports your head and neck, back, legs, pelvis and stomach, not forgetting it provides a place for your hands as well. Placing the ears between your legs relieves tension in your knees and ankles and also allows your back and hips to align.


Place The Pillow in Front of You

While still on the side position, let the back part of the C support your belly instead of your back. It will be like you are hugging or cuddling the pillow, and your significant other can cuddle you from the back. Everything else will remain the same because the ears will support your head and go between your legs all the way to your back.

It is not the most comfortable position, but it’s a better option when switching sides at night instead of flipping the pillow over. Also, if you are a natural back sleeper, placing the pillow behind you is better because it will prevent you from rolling backward and lying on your back.

Recommended Pregnancy C Shape Pillow , According to Experienced Moms

Looking for a good c-shape pregnancy pillow for you or a friend? We suggest the Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy Total Body Pillow. It is the true original Snoogle that takes the place of multiple pillows and supports every part of your body. We love that a mom designed it as her own solution to restless nights, but she’s also a registered nurse who knows exactly what body parts need support in pregnancy.

Recommended Pregnancy C Shape Pillow , According to Experienced Moms

Final Words

With this c-shape pillow, you get to enjoy premium comfort and support without the body heat that comes with regular pillows. It’s designed to mimic the natural contours of your pregnant body, and it is long enough for most women. When it comes to maximum comfort during pregnancy, the C shape pregnancy pillow is an amazing solution. Sweet Dreams, Mama!

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