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How To Sleep With U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

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When it comes to pregnancy pillows, nothing even comes close to the u-shape pillow. As the name claims, this pillow is shaped as a complete U, meaning it surrounds you on both sides and also acts as a head pillow. It supports every inch of your body, keeps your legs and hips parallel and aligns your back, so you don’t suffer pain anymore.

All About U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Here is the thing about pregnancy and sleep- you never find a comfortable position. You can’t sleep on your back or stomach since the big belly makes it impossible, but sleeping on your side doesn’t feel better either. Most pregnant moms don’t know what to do with their hands and legs in this position, and they always feel hot and numb from staying in one position for too long.

A u-shape pregnancy pillow comes to solve all these problems so you can finally get some shut-eye. Sure it is humongous, and it keeps your significant other away from you in bed, but going through pregnancy without sleep is worse.

How To Sleep With U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

U-Shape Pregnancy Pillows Benefits

  • Back sleepers who find themselves slipping back to the default position without knowing. The pillow provides support and resistance behind you, so you can’t sleep on your back completely.
  • People who turn and toss in their sleep. The pillow is the same both sides, so it will work the same whichever side you face and you don’t have to keep repositioning it.
  • Women who love to be snuggled to sleep because it offers endless snuggles without cutting off your oxygen supply or making you hot.
  • Supporting the baby after birth so you can breastfeed without tiring your hands.
  • But if you’ve only seen a u-shape pillow for the first time, you may be wondering how exactly someone sleeps with it.

How To Sleep With U Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

Most of the pictures you’ll see of a pregnant mom-to-be sleeping on a u-shape pillow only show one position. However, there are several ways to use this pillow to get comfortable in your bed without monotony.

Flip it Upside Down

The obvious and most commonly used position is the upside-down U-position. Your head will lie on the bottom of the U while the rest of the body goes between the opening of the letter. For optimum comfort, place one side of the U between your knees and ankles such that one leg is under the pillow and the other leg is over the pillow. Likewise, place one arm underneath the same side you are facing and cuddle it. This position keeps your legs parallel and takes care of your pelvis.

Use it in Half-Mast Position

While the u-shape pillow also acts as a head pillow, some people still prefer to use their regular pillow. In this case, place the pregnancy pillow just below your shoulders in the upside-down position. Your hands, neck and head will not be on the pillow, but the rest of your body will. This means the pillow still supports your stomach and back and provides a comfortable place for your legs. This position is also great for extra tall women.

Tilt Slightly on your Back

Understandably, sleeping on your side the whole night can be exhausting, especially if you are a natural back sleeper. The u-shape pillow doesn’t allow you to lie on your back completely, but it does allow a compromise between back and side positions. You can tilt a little towards your back for some much-needed break from side sleeping.

For u-shape pillows, we recommend the popular PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, which is an Amazon bestseller. It comes with a special cooling cover that helps disperse heat and keep you cool all night long, even during summer. This cooling cover is also removable, so you can toss it in the wash now and then to keep it clean. We also love that one side of this u-shape pillow is detachable with a zipper and can be used independently if need be.

How To Sleep With U Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

Remember that hand problem? The space between the main pillow and the attachment in this design is perfect for placing your hand when you sleep.

Final Words

You can also use your U shape pillow to sit up in bed or on the couch when you want to read or watch TV. And though it’s meant to be a pregnancy pillow, I have found it extremely useful for days when I need extra support when sleeping after baby birth and during the breastfeeding period. When it comes to maximum comfort during pregnancy, the U shape pregnancy pillow is an amazing solution. Sweet Dreams, Mama!

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