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Insomnia During Second Trimester: Facts and Sleep Good Tips

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Do you find yourself struggling to sleep through the night during your second trimester? If so, you’re not alone. Many women find themselves dealing with insomnia during this period of their pregnancy. While there are a number of things you can do to help get more restful sleep, seeking medical help may be necessary in order to get the relief you need. In this post, we’ll discuss the causes of insomnia during the second trimester and offer some solutions that may work for you. We hope that by reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s causing your lack of sleep and how to fix it. 

About Insomnia During Second Trimester

Many women experience insomnia during their second trimester of pregnancy. This can be a very difficult time, as it can be hard to sleep when you are dealing with the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy. There are several possible reasons for why you may be experiencing insomnia during your second trimester. The increase in hormones can make it difficult to sleep, and the physical changes can make it uncomfortable to find a comfortable position. Additionally, anxiety about the upcoming birth may also be a contributing factor. However, there are several things that you can do to help manage the insomnia. Creating a routine before bed and avoiding caffeine in the evening can help you to wind down and get ready for sleep. Additionally, making sure that your bedroom is dark and quiet can create an environment that is conducive to sleep. If you are still struggling with insomnia, talking to your doctor may be a good option, as they can provide additional tips or prescribe medication if necessary.

Is Insomnia Normal in Second Trimester?

Hey Mama, It’s perfectly normal to experience insomnia during any stage of your pregnancy! In fact, up to 80% of women suffer from sleepless nights during this time. As your baby grows, you may have difficulty getting comfortable at night, tossing and turning in this stage is starting to be an issue, and your belly is starting to show off, making it hard to find your bedtime comfort zone. Luckily I have some great tips for you that will probably help you to stay cool and comfortable at night.

How to Sleep Better During Second Trimester

Let’s be honest, as much as we want to enjoy every second of our pregnancy, there are some not-so-fun things that come along with it. One of them being the never-ending fatigue and tiredness that comes along with growing a human. 

To make matters worse, during the second trimester, you might start to experience some uncomfortable symptoms like heartburn and shortness of breath which can make it hard to fall asleep in the first place. 

Here are my top tips on How to Sleep Better During Second Trimester: 

1. Make sure you establish good sleeping hygiene habits like disconnecting from electronics screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime and creating a cool and comfortable environment in your bedroom. 

2. Eat foods that promote sleep such as bananas, oatmeal, honey, and Chamomile tea before bedtime. 

3. Invest in some comfortable cooling sheets and supporting pillows- maybe even invest in a good pregnancy pillow if you haven’t already! 

My last advice is – If you wake up in the night, don’t stay in bed worrying. Get up and do something calming (like shower, or drinking decaf tea )until you feel sleepy again.

Will a Pregnancy Pillow Help Me Sleep During the Second Trimester?

Pregnancy pillows are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more women look for ways to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy. But do these pillows really work? And what are the benefits of using one during the second trimester?

From many women experience, there is no doubt that pregnancy pillows can be extremely helpful in supporting the body during pregnancy! – By provides support for the belly, the pillow preventing the pregnant woman from rolling onto her back or stomach during sleep. This is important because sleeping on your back or stomach can cause compression of the major blood vessels and may lead to low blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea. Pregnancy pillows also help to support the back and hips, which can become very sore as the baby grows. Additionally, they come in variuse shapes and sizes, which make it easy for each women to find the one pillow that it is fitting her needs.Overall, a pregnancy pillow can be a great way to get some much-needed rest and relief during the second trimester of pregnancy. Mama, from my experience, a good pregnancy pillow makes all the difference. 

Top Reviewed Pregnancy Pillows You Can Buy on Amazon

Best Ovrall: bbhugme Pregnancy Body Pillow – Non-Toxic Certified Textiles 

The BBhugme orthopaedic pregnancy pillow is one of the most popular pregnancy pillows on the market, and rightly so! This best-selling pregnancy pillow was created and designed by chiropractors to provide pregnant women with support and comfort during their pregnancy.BBhugme pillow is versatile and can be used in a number of different ways, making it a great choice for expectant mothers and for afterbirth as well (nursing and 

postpartum healing). Many pregnancy experts, including midwives and nurses with many years of experience treating back and neck pain during pregnancy, are also recommending the pillow. BBhugme pregnancy pillow is also a full body pillow, which means that it can be used to support the entire body during pregnancy, and is perfect for a variety of sleeping positions as well.

Top Reviewed Pregnancy Pillows You Can Buy on Amazon

Best Versatile: Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow

 As your body experiences aches, pains, and pressure during pregnancy, this pillow provides support for all these fragile pain points, exactly where you need it. 

The polystyrene microbeads in the Frida Mom pillow provide extra support to your neck and back when you are sleeping on all fours. This type of foam is more breathable than other materials, so it’s important for heat dissipation during sleep which makes a difference between quality restful slumber!

There is an adjustable strip that separates the two ends of the pillow so that you can twist and fold it into a C shape, U shape, I shape, or J shape, based on the shape you want. This compact pillow has a soft, stretchy side that supports your body weight, while the non-stretch side provides firmer support. In addition, the cover can be removed and washed and dried with your regular laundry if you want to.

frida mom pregnancy pillow

Best C shape Pillow :The CeeCee Pillow by PharMeDoc

With the CeeCee pillow from PharMeDoc, you can enjoy comfort and support in numerous ways. With the polyfill, you’ll feel its softness against your back, as well as lumbar support when sitting upright or using it as an elevating footrest. Wrap it around yourself when you are sitting down to eat or watching television, for added comfort! Additionally, its organic cotton cover can be  easily removed for washing or dry-cleaning.

For years now, this has been Amazon’s top-selling pregnancy pillow, and for good reason – this pillow is a classic pregnancy pillow that will help you remain comfortable during your second trimester and throughout your pregnancy in general. 

ce ce pregnancy pillow for mothers to be

Final Words 

Mama, learn from my experience – If you are struggling with insomnia, consider investing in a good pregnancy pillow! Give one of these pillows a try and see if it helps you get the rest you need during this important time. Not only will this help you to get more comfortable at night, but it can also help to alleviate some of the common discomforts of pregnancy.

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