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Is It Normal To Sleep a Lot During the Second Trimester?

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One of the primary symptoms of pregnancy is unrelenting fatigue, which is the reason newly pregnant moms sleep so much, or at least try to. For most moms, the fatigue subsides around the second trimester before it checks in again for the last three months due to baby weight and other physical changes.

While this fatigue should make a mom sleep more, it actually does the opposite. The first and third trimesters also come with many discomforts that make sleep a bit elusive. Luckily, the second trimester brings some relief all around, creating an environment where the mom can finally sleep soundly all night long.

Is It Normal To Sleep a Lot During the Second Trimester?

Is It Okay To Sleep a Lot During the Second Trimester?

Yes, and for several reasons. One, fatigue doesn’t just stop at the end of the first trimester. It wears off gradually, leaving the mom just tired enough to sleep more. Again, the second trimester is less problematic for the body. The frequent urination, sickness, and extreme fatigue have subsided, and the baby is still not heavy enough to cause breathing issues and body aches. This makes it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer because there are no disruptions. Finally, most moms have to make up for all the sleep they didn’t get during the first trimester, which means they need longer sleep.

Can’t Get a Good Sleep During the Second Trimester? You Are Not Alone!

Paradoxically, some women experience insomnia during the second trimester. So if you can’t sleep like the group we’ve talked about above, you are not alone or weird.

While the second trimester relieves you from frequent peeing, morning sickness, fatigue, and the likes, it is not without issues completely. Your metabolism at this point is at an all-time high, making you feel hot and uncomfortable all the time. This is the stage when women sleep on the floor just to get some cool.

Babies also start kicking and moving during the third trimester, and you may still be dealing with pre-birth anxiety and worries. All these put together are a good recipe for sleepless nights or at least sleep disturbances. Finding the right sleep position, a good bedtime routine, and a sleep aid will help.

Best Second Trimester Sleep Positions

The best sleep position for the second trimester depends on how big your pregnancy is at that point. Some women get to week 30 without anything showing or any additional weight. If you are among these lucky few, you can continue sleeping on your back or stomach if that’s what you find comfortable.

For the rest of us with bulging tummies and weight gain, side sleeping is recommended. The baby has already started putting pressure on your diaphragm and pelvis, so the back position is no longer viable unless you want to suffocate to death.

Your Second Trimester Best Friend: Pregnancy Pillow

Since side sleeping is not exactly comfortable or normal for most people, you will need a pregnancy pillow to support you. The pillow goes behind your back to ensure you don’t slouch back unknowingly. It also supports your tummy area, which, as you can imagine, puts a lot of pressure on your waist, hips, and pelvic area. But more importantly, a pregnancy pillow helps align your hips to ensure you don’t suffer back and hip pain commonly experienced by pregnant women during this trimester.

If there’s only one thing you buy for yourself during pregnancy, let it be a pregnancy pillow. It will be the support you need to sleep comfortably at night and also sit when you are watching TV or reading.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows for Your Good Night’s Sleep

U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

During my pregnancy, the AngQi U-shape pregnancy pillow literally saved my back . Sleeping caused me so much discomfort and pain that it affected every aspect of my life. I found comfort with this AngQi U-shape pregnancy pillow , which supported my back, hips, knees, neck, and head during my pregnancy. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed using this pillow so much that I took a little while to stop using it after my child was born.

pregnancy pillow for good night

C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

You’re going to love the Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy Total Body Pillow regardless of what trimester you’re in. With the Snoogle, you are no longer reliant on multiple pillows. It supports your entire body and eliminates the need for multiple pillows. There is something so exciting about the fact that it was developed by a mom who wanted to find a solution to her restless nights, and she is also a registered nurse who knows exactly what body parts need to be supported during pregnancy.


Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow

There are various pregnancy pillows on the market today, however, if you want a more compact pregnancy pillow, then the Frida Mom Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow might be your best choice. Unlike regular pillows, this one is not large and takes up little space in the bed, and it is also easy to store. With an adjustable strap on the inside of the pillow that separates the two inner pillows, allowing you to twist the pillow to your desired position as you like it. Moreover, the Frida Mom pillow will keep you cool while you sleep since its breathable micro-bead filling and soft fabric will help you stay cool all night long.

Frida Mom Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow

Final Words

Whether you fall in the category of pregnant women who sleep a lot during the second trimester or the ones suffering from insomnia, there’s a solution. A pregnancy pillow ensures you are comfortable and well supported, so you don’t suffer any pain the following day.

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