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The Complete Postpartum Necessities Checklist

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If you are a mom-to-be, listen up. The postpartum necessities we are about to talk about here are just as crucial as those new-born essentials you are working so hard for. Yes, you want your baby to be comfortable in their room when they come, but you will need that comfort even more.

In case you haven’t been there before, the postpartum period is full of unpleasantness, and that’s putting it mildly. There is bleeding, tear-inducing stitches, haemorrhoids, constipation and sore and leaking boobs, just to name a few. Luckily, they don’t last forever.

Admittedly, everyone’s postpartum recovery process is different. But if you want to enjoy the first few weeks of motherhood, these are the six essentials you want in your postpartum kit.

My Complete Postpartum Checklist

Postpartum Necessities for Mom After Birth Checklist

Postpartum Pads

Bleeding and discharge post-birth are normal, at least for 2-6 weeks. The amount of bleeding will vary depending on whether you had a normal birth or a CS, but regular pads will not cut it. The Honey Pot Company Postpartum pads are thick, large, and extremely absorbent to handle the heavy flow, and your hospital will provide them until you get discharged. With time, you can switch to regular maxi pads and then to normal pads once the flow subsides.

Postpartum Necessities

Disposable Underwear

Speaking of heavy flow, after birth your regular thick pads will occasionally overflow and leak through your underwear. Most hospitals provide mesh underwear that’s stretchy enough to hold the giant hospital pads, but for me the absorbent panties was a super comfortable solution.
I discovered this solution during my second pregnancy, and let me tell you, this product is worth every penny! You will use these panties long after your postpartum period, as they can function as period panties as well.
The brand I use is; Bambody Absorbent Postpartum Underwear, which is super absorbent, easy to wash, and dries very quickly. They are a great replacement for regular underwear during periods when you need this support.

Peri-Rinse Bottle

A peri-rinse bottle is a postpartum essential, especially if you had a vaginal birth. After the trauma your vagina has just gone through, wiping with plain old toilet paper or wipes is cruel. Instead, fill a peri bottle with some clean water and squirt it from front to back to keep everything under there clean. It’s like a toilet bidet, except you can take it everywhere.
But it’s not just for cleaning up. You should squirt the cold water directly onto your vagina as you pee to dilute the urine and keep it from stinging your wounded skin. Thanks to Frida Mom’s upside-down peri bottle, you can squirt the water down onto your lady parts instead of lowering your hand halfway down the toilet.

Peri-Rinse Bottle

Cooling Wipes & Pads

I am sure you are wondering, do you spritz water on your tender lady bits and leave them wet? No, you still need to dry off the water using something gentle. Cooling wipes are gentle enough to clean and dry the delicate area, and they contain a natural antiseptic to fight bacteria. The coldness of the wipes and the antiseptic are incredibly soothing to the torn vaginal area and those inflamed haemorrhoids.
What’s more, you can stash or line your pad with one of these wipes for continued relief. Frida Moms, for example, has pad liners soaked in witch hazel which is a natural soother to keep you comfortable all day long.

Perineal Spray

If you’ve had stitches in your perineum, the sting and the itch after can be quite uncomfortable. Perineal sprays are local anaesthetics used to relieve pain. They basically numb that whole area so you can sit down in peace and get some sleep. You should have one in the bathroom and one in your room to replenish the relief when you need to.

For a vaginal birth, we recommend Dermoplast, which has a cooling and comforting sensation. The blue one seems to be superior to the red. However, you can also go for something more natural and free of benzocaine and butane. Simply spray it onto your lady parts after gently wiping or spritzing with water. Dermoplast works in record time and gives you almost instant relief. Moms who have gone through a caesarean section will also find this spray very useful. It offers a fantastic relief from itchiness and pain when sprayed on the CS scar.
Alternatively, Frida Mom has a healing foam made of witch hazel to relieve pain and swelling. You squirt some foam on your hand and apply it to the affect area.

Nipple Pads

Even more interesting than bleeding is the uncontrollable amount of milk coming out of your breasts. Nipple pads will be your saving grace to absorb the leaking milk and protect your clothes from soaking. Consider buying disposable nipple pads in the beginning to avoid a lot of laundry, but you can get washable ones too. Lansinoh Soothies, for example, are designed to absorb the excess milk as well as soothe those sore and cracked nipples.

To make your job easier, get yourself a couple of breastfeeding bras to support your heavy breasts. This is also where you will be stuffing the nipple pads or collectors. And since you will be in the breasts sections anyway, grab some nipple cream on your way out. It will be the difference between highly sore and cracked nipples and happy breastfeeding.

Nipple Pads

Final Thoughts

The list of postpartum necessities can go on and on. Take it from a fellow mom and make your list on the early 3rd trimester stage, you will be surprised how many things you forgot in the initial list and have to keep adding until the baby comes.
I hope you find this list helpful, and please feel free to pass it along to any pregnant women you might know!

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