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Pregnancy Pillows For Stomach Sleeping While Pregnant 

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If you often toss and turn while sleeping, you’ll likely end up sleeping on your stomach at some point. Some people even prefer to sleep on their stomachs as it feels comfortable and can reduce snoring. This doesn’t change just because you are pregnant. It is probably why there are pregnancy pillows specifically for stomach sleeping. But is stomach sleeping safe for pregnant women? 

Stomach Sleeping While Pregnant

Stomach sleeping while pregnant is safe and will feel comfortable during early pregnancy. During those first 12 weeks, you can pretty much sleep however you want without harming the baby or yourself. After all, your baby and the uterus are still quite small, so there will be no discomfort to you regardless of how you sleep. But as the baby grows and your uterus expands, you may have to re-think sleeping on your stomach.

When In Pregnancy Should You Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach?

As your baby grows and your belly expands, you will start feeling increasingly uncomfortable sleeping on your stomach. At about 16 to 18 weeks, most women will be unable to sleep on their stomachs as it will alter the spine’s natural curve and press on the belly. Women may experience neck, shoulder, lower back, and pelvic pain when this natural curvature changes. These pains lower the quality of sleep, affecting the health of mother and child.

For these reasons, experts recommend sleeping on your side instead. Side sleeping helps improve circulation and ease the aches and pain associated with pregnancy. In fact, sleeping on your left side is the best position for optimal blood flow. But what if you want to sleep on your stomach? Is there a pregnancy pillow for that?

Is There A Pregnancy Pillow That Allows You To Sleep On Your Stomach?

Yes, there is. In fact, there are plenty of pregnancy pillows that support stomach sleeping. These pillows come with features to accommodate your growing belly safely and comfortably as you sleep on your stomach. They also range in size from full-body pillows to wedge pillows that just fit around your tummy. So how can you decide which is the right pillow for you?

How To Pick The Right Pregnancy Pillow For Stomach Sleeping?

For the most comfortable stomach sleeping, there are some factors you must consider in choosing your pregnancy pillow:


First, you should consider the size of your stomach in relation to the pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy pillows for stomach sleeping can have either an open hole or a cut-out indentation to accommodate your belly. However, your belly may not fit into the open hole or indentation, making sleeping on your stomach very uncomfortable. So it is important to be sure that your stomach can fit comfortably on the pregnancy pillow.

Second, you must consider the scale of the whole pillow. There are full-body pillows that support your whole body and others that only fit around your belly. Your preferred size will depend on your needs and the space available in your home.


Pregnancy pillows for stomach sleeping can have open holes or cut-out indentations. These different designs are important when choosing the right pillow. For example, if your baby is mostly towards the front of your belly, the cut-out pillow may be uncomfortable to lie on because of the pressure placed on the baby. In this case, the pillow with the open hole is a better choice because there will be no weight or pressure on your baby.


It is important to consider the pillow cover and fill-in materials. These materials should be non-toxic and safe for you and your baby. For example, 100% cotton pillow covers are a great option as natural cotton is hypoallergenic and safe.

Top Pregnancy Pillow For Stomach Sleeping

The top pregnancy pillow for stomach sleeping is the A Pregnancy Pillow by Cozy Bump. This inflatable full-body pillow is so large you can use it as a pregnancy bed. It has extra-large air valves saving you precious time and energy as you inflate or deflate the pillow. The adjustable headrest guarantees maximum comfort, and you can add an extra pillow if needed. This Pregnancy Pillow comes with a chest cut-out for your breasts and an adjustable belly rim that can accommodate all belly sizes. The leg area gradually declines, lowering the legs, thereby relaxing the back muscles. The pillow’s design helps with comfortable pregnancy sleeping. It can also help move the baby to the optimal position, reducing painful prolonged labor.

Another Great Option For Stomach Sleeping

The Belly Down Pregnancy Pillow is another great option for stomach sleeping. This two-pound, open-cell foam, rectangular pillow measures 24″ long, 15″ wide, and 4.5″ thick, allowing it to fit in a standard pillowcase. It is an excellent option for travel, and it doesn’t take up too much space in your bed. The ergonomic design follows your belly shape to ensure maximum comfort, along with the thick foam.

Final Word

The Belly Down pillow is versatile as you can still use it after the baby is born. You can place your baby in it when co-sleeping and even use it should your baby have reflux issues. Designed by an experienced chiropractor, this pillow is perfect for pregnant stomach sleepers. So now you can sleep comfortably as long as you like without hip and shoulder pains associated with side sleeping.

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