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The Best Travel Pregnancy Pillow

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One interesting thing that occurs in pregnancy is discomfort. You are uncomfortable sitting, lying down and even standing up. The worst of it however happens when you travel, especially if you are traveling long distance. This is why you need a travel pregnancy pillow. Not only does the pillow make traveling tolerable but you can say it makes everything comfortable.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillow

Support your body while sleeping:

As the fetus inside you grows bigger and heavier, you will start to experience body aches whether you sleep, sit or stand all day long. Doctors will also advise you to sleep on your side towards the second trimester and to avoid sitting down for long periods.

A pregnancy pillow comes in to solve these two problems and more. It lays strategically behind your back and shoulders and offers support for your entire body. If you get a full-size pregnancy pillow, it will also support your head, neck, and shoulders, plus create a comfortable space for your hands.

By doing so, your entire backside is aligned and supported, which means no more back pain and fatigue. In addition, the pillow will help you sleep on your side the entire night and prevent you from falling back into unsafe sleeping positions.

Helps to ease back and hip pain:

During pregnancy, a good pregnancy pillow should provide soft but firm support for your back, pelvis, and legs. As your pregnancy progresses, the pelvic area expands and you will experience more lower back pain, pelvic pain, and hip pain. Using a pregnancy pillow when sleeping on your side is a great way to support your lower back, pelvis, and hips at the same time as you sleep.

How to Travel with a Pregnancy Pillow

Carrying your own pregnancy pillow is vital when traveling. You will need it on the plane or car for support and it also comes in handy when you get to your destination and want to sleep.

Thankfully, airlines do allow people to carry a pregnancy pillow as a personal item. You may need to stuff the pillow inside your carry bag with some airlines, but some allow the pillow to come as it is in its own bag.

How do you travel with the pillow? According to American Air, airlines allow one personal item and one carry-on on board. You will be free to take out the pillow once inside the plane, but you can’t board with it that way. In short, the safest way to travel with a pregnancy pillow via plane is to fold it nicely and stuff it inside a carry bag.

If you are traveling in a car or bus, get the pillow inside a plastic cover to avoid dust or inside a carry bag. The pillow should be in a bag close to you because you will need it for support mid-way through the trip.

The Best Travel Pregnancy Pillow

Which Pregnancy Pillow is Good for Travel?

We understand that carrying a full-size pregnancy pillow can be a lot when traveling. That is why we looked for the highest-rated pillows that are easy to pack and lightweight. Our recommendations are suitable for air travel, car travel and anywhere else you want to take them.

Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow

Which Pregnancy Pillow is Good for Travel?

Highlight: It’s an adjustable, jointed pillow that can be twisted and bent into any shape you want, and this also makes it compact when folded.
This pillow comes highly rated and with good reasons. The pillow also features a cooling, breathable micro-bead filling that allows heat to pass through and an incredibly comfortable cover. No matter how far along you are in the pregnancy, this pillow will help you find a comfortable sleeping position anywhere you are.

Helpful Review: “I love this pillow . The pillow has micro breads inside, I never liked pillows like this but this one make sense because you can adjust it to every contour of your body and shift the beads to where you want more or less support/ firmness. I’m almost at my 3rd trimester so this pillow has been a huge help but at first I thought maybe I won’t need a nursing pillow because this pillow is so adjustable but I suspect that cuz of these little issues it won’t last with so much use, I’ve had it for almost 4 months now. A major plus is that this pillow doesn’t go flat like other body pillows so there’s that but I wish they sold other covers too, I’ll try and mend the seams by hand until this pillow has reached the end of its days, for now because it is still a good pillow and one of the comfiest I’ve had.”

DMI Side Sleeper Pillow

DMI Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Thought you can’t take a full-size u-shape pillow when traveling? You’re mistaken. This DMI Side Sleeper Pillow provides cradling comfort for your entire body, and it is perfect for car or plane travel as well as hotels.
With this side sleeper body pillow, you will receive a pillow that is ergonomically designed and specifically tailored to provide you with maximum comfort and support while you sleep. It gives a firm yet contouring cushion of support all through the night. With a firm memory foam core, this pillow won’t sag over time or engulf the head with its heavy weight. As a result, you can have a restful night without having to constantly wrestle with your pillow in an attempt to find a side that is cool and supportive in order to sleep well. With each pillow, you will also receive a soft, breathable cover that is easy to clean and machine washable.

Helpful Review: “I was looking for a feather pillow when I saw this one. A feather pillow can be smooshed to fit right where I want it to. The problem is that they can be poky and either too filled or too flat. They are really hard to find at stores, so ordering online is hard. The photo from this ad and this lady looking so happy and comfortable got me to read the reviews. Most people seemed pretty happy. The price is pretty low, so I thought I would try it. It arrived yesterday in a large box. When I picked up the box, I noticed it weighed next to nothing. I felt I was going to be let down. Was I wrong! This pillow is the right height, the perfect firmness, and neck support. For once, I did not have to beat up my pillow to get it on the right shape. I also noticed I did not toss and turn last night. I slept amazingly! There was no shoulder stiffness or neck soreness this morning either. If you are on the fence like I was, just give it a try. I don’t think you will be sorry, you might just have the best sleep for the rest of your life!”

-Rose Callahan

Yeapop Pregnancy Travel Kit

Yeapop Pregnancy Travel Kit

Unlike the other two pregnancy pillows, this travel kit comes with three pieces; an inflatable lumbar and back support pillow, a footrest inflatable pillow and a seat belt inflatable pillow. It may not be what you want to sleep with in bed, but it sure offers excellent support in transit. With it, you no longer have to deal with those uncomfortable car seats or plane seats, and you can use the cushions to get comfortable and sleep.

Is It Safe to Fly During Pregnancy?

In general, air travel before 30 weeks of pregnancy is considered safe for women who are not dealing with any pregnancy complications and do not have any pregnancy problems. However, if you are pregnant, it is a good idea to speak with your health care provider before flying.
If your health care provider says it is okay for you to fly, and if your plans are flexible, it may be a smart idea for you to fly during your second trimester if your health care provider approves of it. During those months, the chances of experiencing a common pregnancy emergency are the lowest.

When you fly:

  • Make sure you buckle up. In order to ensure your safety during the trip, keep your seatbelt fastened when you are seated, and make sure it is secured under your belly.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. In the case of low humidity in the airplane, you may become dehydrated as a result.
  • Avoid gassy foods and drinks before you fly. Gases expand during flight, and that could make you uncomfortable. Examples of foods and drinks to avoid include broccoli and carbonated soda.
  • Think about the medical care that you will need. Ensure that you have a plan in place for the event that you need obstetric care during your trip. Bring copies of your medical information in case you need care while you’re away.

More tips that can help you travel safe, from Narayana Health:

This is considered safe until 36 weeks. The universal precautions mentioned above would apply while traveling by train. Select the lower berth instead of the middle or upper berth in the sleeper coaches. You should avoid commuter trains during rush hours within the city where you may have to stand for a long time and the train is packed with commuters. Make sure you claim the dependent seats for yourself as well.

No matter where you sit in the vehicle, wear your seat belt WITHOUT FAIL, even if you are in the back seat. Make sure that the belt is buckled over your hip bones and under your belly. It is recommended that the upper shoulder strap goes above your belly and across your chest (in between the breasts) to fit perfectly. Take frequent breaks when you are on a long drive so that you are able to get out of the car and stretch your legs and move around a bit while you are sitting in the car.

Final Thoughts 

You’re doing an amazing thing mama -growing a human inside you!
Therefore, you deserve every ounce of comfort you can get at home and away. So if you are planning to travel this season, get a pillow that will help you be comfortable in transit and when you get to your destination.

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