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The Many Benefits of Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

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Most pregnant women understand the struggles of falling and staying asleep in the second and third trimester. They rely on a pregnancy pillow to help them get comfortable in bed. The best and most affordable of all pregnancy pillows is the wedge pillow, and that is what we will be looking at today.

Is A Wedge Pillow Good For Pregnancy?

The answer is yes. Wedge pillows are a good option for pregnancy. Also referred to as maternity cushions, wedge pillows are the smallest pregnancy pillows, shaped like a wedge of cheese. Many expectant mothers like them because they can place the pillow exactly where it’s needed on your body. In fact, you can have several of these placed strategically in your bed for optimal support.
For expectant mothers suffering chronic pain, a wedge pillow can be part of your treatment plan. Some women can experience pain ranging from simple lower back pain to excruciating sciatic nerve pain as a result of pregnancy. A wedge pillow can help support your body, relieve your pressure points, and alleviate some pain while you sleep. That way, you can get the much-needed rest necessary for you and your baby.

Sleep Better During the Third Trimester

Benefits Of Wedge Pregnancy Pillow


One thing wedge cushions have over the other pregnancy pillows is in their design. Unlike the larger pillows, the wedge pillow is much smaller, making it easier to travel with it. This makes them a good option for women who have to travel often to ensure they are comfortable wherever they end up sleeping. The small size also means that you can place a wedge pillow exactly where you need support.


Wedge pregnancy pillows are the most affordable of all pregnancy pillows. Since they are the smallest pregnancy pillows, they require the least amount of material to make. Therefore they are the most affordable. However, less material doesn’t mean lower quality material. On the contrary, wedge pillows use high-quality materials to offer the best possible support.


Any expectant mom knows how precious comfort is, especially during sleep. After all, if you can’t get comfortable, you won’t get much sleep. Wedge pregnancy pillows are firm, thereby giving you optimal support right in the places you need it. Furthermore, since wedge pillows are so small, you won’t feel as hot as you would with a full-body pillow, further adding to the comfort factor.

Improved circulation

Sleeping sideways is highly recommended for pregnant women because it promotes healthy blood circulation. If you have done this before and are thinking of having another baby, you are familiar with that uncomfortable feeling where your belly feels like it’s hanging in mid-air. Wedge pillows can fit right beneath the belly to offer support and help you sleep comfortably on your side. In this way, wedge pillows aid in improving blood circulation in pregnant women.

Benefits Of Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

How Do You Sleep With A Wedge Pregnancy Pillow When Pregnant?

Under Your Belly

You can place the wedge pregnancy pillow right under your belly while lying sideways in your bed. At this position, the pillow will support your belly and lessen that feeling of your belly pulling down while you are on your side. To do this properly, you need to place the narrower side of the pillow under your tummy and keep the wider side out. Adjust it until you feel well supported. 

Behind Your Back

Wedge pillows can support your back in different ways. One way is to place it slightly under your back while lying on your side – the same you would place it under your belly. Weight gain, hormonal changes, and posture changes resulting from pregnancy can cause back pain. Placing the wedge pillow behind your back offers good spinal support to alleviate any pressure and pain.

You can also use the wedge pillow for support while sitting up. By placing the wide part downwards and the narrower part upward, the pillow can offer support to maintain good posture. Pregnancy affects posture due to the shifting center of gravity, so it is important to support your back as much as possible. You may also need the wedge pillow in the later stages of pregnancy when sleeping becomes too uncomfortable, and sitting up in bed may feel better. 

Between Your Thighs

Sleeping with a pillow between your thighs is great whether or not you are pregnant. Without it, our hips and back tend to twist when sleeping on the side. For pregnant women, placing the wedge pregnancy pillow between the thighs keeps the spine neutral and eases the strain around the hips and lower back. It can also help maintain good sleeping posture, which is important for your comfort.

Under Your Head

In a normal pregnancy, lying on your back in the first trimester is safe. Some women experience heartburn and reflux during their first trimester, and a wedge pregnancy pillow can help alleviate that discomfort. By propping up the head and shoulders on the pillow, gravity will keep most of your stomach acids from coming up and reduce heartburn.

Full Review: My Favorite Picks for Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

There are two types of wedge pregnancy pillows. The first type is compact straight side pillow while the other has a curved side. Some women prefer the one with a curved edge because they can comfortably put their arm around when the pillow is under their belly. However, I used the compact straight one, and here is my full recommendation:

Hiccapop, The Classic Wedge Pillow – Amazon Top Rated

Having a pillow underneath your belly can really make a huge difference, though, and this wedge pillow from Hiccapop is just the ticket for giving your expanding stomach the support it needs. If you’re struggling with heartburn or indigestion, a wedge pillow can help to prop up your head and torso, taking pressure off of your stomach. By keeping your upper body elevated, the wedge pillow can help to reduce the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. The wedge pillow is also great for providing support for your back and belly. By placing the pillow under your belly, you can help to alleviate some of the pressure that can build up during pregnancy. The wedge pillow is a versatile tool that can be used throughout pregnancy to help provide relief from a variety of symptoms.

Hicacapop Pillow is made out of velvety-soft cover and breathable foam, you’ll feel super cozy but won’t get overheated. Durable yet free from harmful chemicals, it’ll carry you (and your stomach) through the third trimester. Simply slide this plush memory-foam pregnancy pillow beneath your stomach for the perfect night’s sleep.

Types Of Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

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