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Top 3 Best Organic Pregnancy Pillows for Restful Sleep at Night

If you are an actual, real-deal human being reading this, then the chances are that you completely understand the importance of quality rest. However, pregnancy makes rest extra important to a healthy lifestyle – and pregnancy pillows can help make all the difference between tossing and turning all night and the quality rest you deserve.

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If you are an actual, real-deal human being reading this, then the chances are that you completely understand the importance of quality rest. However, pregnancy makes rest extra important to a healthy lifestyle – and pregnancy pillows can help make all the difference between tossing and turning all night and the quality rest you deserve. 

Top 3 Best Organic Pregnancy Pillows for Restful Sleep at Night

Pregnancy is the period of beautiful bliss whereby a mother tenderly carries her child until… you know what, wait. Let’s stop right there. Record scratch and all that. Being pregnant is never exactly how anyone says it is. Everyone has a unique take on their pregnancy, and, sure — there have been tons of books written about “what to expect.” But no two mommas-to-be are exactly alike. 

All mammas know, without fail, that right around that 12-week mark — Bam! Cravings. Mood swings. Those unexplained crying jags, and you’re not even sure if it’s happy tears or sad ones. (That’s the last time I watch Bambi while expecting, let me tell you. Sheesh.) It’s criminal how honestly universal that silly cliche actually is. Biology, right? Go figure.

Another common – and very real issue – is the poor rest that comes from a multitude of factors. Super ironic, right? The time you need that quality sleep the most is when you’re not getting it. And who has the time to be able to afford to lose even more sleep?

That’s precisely why a good sleeping set-up (complete with the right pregnancy pillow) will get you the rest you need for the one (or more!) you love. Seriously, though. Listen to me here, because I know: the rest you get makes a huge difference.

Why Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

Refer back to the start of this article, please. It’s all right there in that little blurb. I’ll wait for you here. If you’re still curious, though, don’t worry. It’s pretty straightforward. There are a lot of aspects to pregnancy we don’t really consider until, well, we actually get to experience them. Like, wow, yeah the body changes. As we’ve all been told a thousand times, you can definitely feel the discomfort as your little one starts to grow in your belly.

But yep, it’s true. Your body physically changes a lot throughout pregnancy. The body is under a constant state of being flexed and torsioned around in new ways for the greater part of over nine months. And by the way, the body re-adjustment doesn’t end the day your little bundle of joy is delivered, either. Because your body changes so much during pregnancy, it needs the proper support, both before and after delivery. 

Fortunately, your typical maternity pillow or pregnancy pillow is designed to aid in that. You see, your joints and muscles are utilized literally all the time while standing, sitting, eating, and just being pregnant in general. Sadly, being asleep doesn’t make your muscles and body turn off, either. Rather, poor sleep and poor positioning, as you might have already noticed, only make things worse.

Aw, heck, no.

The good news is that pregnancy pillows are here to help. The main benefit of using them is that they cater to those sensitive areas that need proper support in order to achieve proper rest and reconstruction. If you’ve ever fallen asleep against a car door or dozed off on a plane, then you already know the difference that a plush support cushion can make.

Why Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

Why Should You Choose an Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

Okay, so you now realize why pregnancy pillows are the way to go. Congratulations, momma. Your joints, muscles and back will thank you. And heck, they may even write a love letter to thank you. Who knows? That’s how good they are. But what’s all this about an organic pillow, though?

In an ideal world, we all strive to give our bodies the best. However, life happens, and combined with the fact that there are some pretty bad materials we are exposed to in our everyday lives, it can definitely be tricky. So why add another when you can avoid it completely with a little bit of research?

Enter: organic pregnancy pillows. These little wonders tend to be closely related to cleaner and more ethical products, so if you’re already familiar with a greener lifestyle, then you’re already halfway there. But what does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that animals haven’t been used or hurt for the making of the product. 

Sadly, down and other feathered products are notorious for animal cruelty, and my poor heart can’t handle another one of those commercials with that heartbreaking Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background. (You know which one I’m talking about here.)

The good news, though, is that there are plenty of similarly performing alternatives without the guilty conscience. Artificial fibers and materials are one way to go about it. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the artificial materials significantly harm the environment – but on a more personal level, could also harm us directly. No thank you!

The benefit to organic pillows is that they tend to use organic matter to produce equivalent (or even better!) comfort than the finest artificial memory foams. Wool, natural latex, cotton, and bamboo are some examples of organic materials used to create those spongy sleep-inducing pregnancy pillows your body so desperately desires.

Really, the benefits of organic pregnancy pillows are multifold. Once you consider the support, the comfort, the peace of mind, and, in many cases, the superiority in quality to artificial memory foam or down-stuffed pillows, you won’t ever look back.

Why Should You Choose an Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

What to Look for in an Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

Before looking for materials, it’s important to first determine what level of support you need. It would be the opposite of your relaxation and sleep goals to try dozing off with something that doesn’t suit your needs. You’d be kicking yourself in the butt (and your baby would be trying to do the same from the inside).

Ask yourself these three questions before springing for your organic pregnancy pillow:

  1. Do you need simple back support? Try a smaller pillow or a wedge shape to support your spine. The lower back tends to get pretty sore, and takes a lot of the brunt changes throughout your pregnancy.
  1. Are you a side sleeper (which is actually recommended by OB-GYNs)? Maybe a larger pillow that you can tuck between your legs or cuddle up to, and even provide a nice middle ground between your head and side, will do the trick.
  1. Are you craving head-to-toe, full-body support for yourself and your growing bump? Well, then you just might need a full-sized body pillow. These come in different shapes, too, like a U or a J shape to provide you with maximum comfort. It’ll cradle your body head to toe so you can get both the rest and support you need to get the rest you deserve throughout all three trimesters (and beyond).

For organic pregnancy pillows, look for materials made mostly from natural sources, like cotton, bamboo, natural rubber latex, wool, or other natural fibers. Some companies have gotten very creative when it comes to their preferred natural fiber of choice, so while you’re looking, why not search for pillows that have antibacterial properties (since the last thing you need is to get sick while pregnant!), or have easily washable covers.

Top 3 Organic Pregnancy Pillows

These are the top three organic pregnancy pillows that not only offer peace of mind, but also offer that sweet rest you’ve probably been missing for a while now. As my personal faves when it comes to getting my beauty rest, these pillows all cater to different needs and vary in size.

OrganicTextiles Full-Size Natural Latex Body Pillow

This pillow by OrganicTextiles is somewhat on the longer side (coming in at four feet total) but also on the thinner side (at just eight inches in diameter). It’s perfect for back support or supporting any other very specific areas of the body that see heavy use, or are particularly sore. The pillow itself is of outstanding quality, made entirely from all-natural latex for supreme sponginess that doesn’t need to be re-fluffed in the middle of the night.

The cover is easily washable and made from a 100% cotton, ventilated fabric. The materials used for this pillow really can only be described as premium quality, as reviews from customers who purchased them are resoundingly positive. Many of them happily report that they love their experience with this pillow, and you know what? So did I, and so will you.

OrganicTextiles Full-Size Natural Latex Body Pillow, with (1) 100% Slim Organic Cotton Cover Protector, for Pregnant Women and Maternity, Men, Women, College Students and Side Sleepers

White Lotus Home Kapok Sleep Pillow

Made entirely from Kapok (a tropical deciduous tree), this pillow from White Lotus Home is the perfect support pillow for those looking to get the feeling of a firm down pillow… but without the actual feathers. It also happens to be hypoallergenic, which makes it incredibly convenient for those who can’t have conventional down pillows due to allergies.

The outer cover is made from silky-soft cotton sateen, which is an incredibly breathable fabric, ideal for when warm and sweaty nights become an inevitable reality (yuck). One of my favorite benefits of this pillow is that it is soft in all the right ways and covers a decent amount of area. This pillow is best suited as a middle ground for general regions of the body that could use relaxing and support.

White Lotus Home Kapok Sleep Pillow

Coop Home Goods Full Body Pillow

While not entirely organic, the Coop Home Goods pillow has made it its goal to exclude any materials that are not top quality and sustainably sourced. All materials used have been checked and double-checked to ensure that they provide comfort, support, and breathability for the whole body.

With a sweat-wicking polyester cover and 40% bamboo fiber, this pillow utilizes a proper technical blending of fibers to work together. And at over four feet long and just under two feet wide, it’s perfect for getting any spot that is feeling sore, achy, or desperate for rest. And believe me, it’s so much easier to rest easy when your whole body is being supported.

Coop Home Goods Full Body Pillow
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