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What Kind of Pregnancy Pillow Should I Get?

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The moment you find out you are pregnant, some essentials automatically come to mind. Crib, diapers, and clothes usually top the list. However, a pregnancy pillow should make it to your ‘must-get items’ list as all. With pregnancy taking a toll on your body, it makes sense to have as much rest as you can, but as you can expect, comfort isn’t always easily attainable. In fact, 80% of women will suffer insomnia and sleep discomfort during the third trimester. See why pregnancy pillows are a must-have? So, how do you know which one will work for you?

What Kind of Pregnancy Pillow Will Work For Me?

Your personal preferences and the level of support you expect will help you decide on the right pillow. Currently, there are three types of pregnancy pillows that work differently to support pregnant women. 

Wedge pillows, also called maternity cushions, are the smallest of pregnancy pillows and are available in round wedges or triangular wedges. This is the pillow to buy if you need support on specific body parts like the hips, waist, or legs. You can use them anywhere you need the most support, and they are also great for reducing acid reflux and heartburn.

Full-length pillows cover the length of your body and focus on cushioning the arms, belly, and legs. So if you want full-body support, you should consider these pillows. There are straight full-length pillows and flexible ones that can take whichever shape you desire. The only downside is that they do not offer the best back support.

Total body pillows are similar to full-length pillows except they can support pregnant women of all heights. These pillows are most useful from the second trimester and offer sufficient support to reduce back and hip pain. Total body pillows are either C-shaped or U-shaped. C-shaped pillows support the head, belly, legs, and back, but if you prefer to sleep on your back, then the U-shaped pillow is ideal.

What Kind of Pregnancy Pillow Will Work For Me?

What Is the Top Pregnancy Pillow Benefit?

The most significant benefit of using a pregnancy pillow is that it helps alleviate body pains that come with pregnancy. These pains range from heartburn, back pain, and hip pain, to, in some instances, sciatica pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. For example, you can use a pregnancy pillow to prop yourself and reduce acid reflux that causes heartburn.

Pregnancy is strenuous to the body, especially when you feel fatigued from lack of proper sleep. Insufficient sleep can result from hormonal changes, as well as body aches and pains. Although the pregnancy pillow may not help sleep deprivation caused by hormones, it still works best for pain-related instances. It can adequately support the back and joints and provide the utmost comfort and pain relief needed for adequate rest.

When Should I Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

There is no specific time when you should start using a pregnancy pillow. You can start using it right after you realize you are pregnant or wait until later. Most women tend to get one during the second trimester when they start to show.
Around 20 weeks seems like a perfect time because this is when you start struggling to change positions as your belly grows. Also, as your belly grows, the expansion causes ligament pains due to stretching. Hence the need to get a pillow that supports your belly and body.

Where Can I Buy a Pregnancy Pillow?

The best place to find a pregnancy pillow is on Amazon. Here you can find a variety of pillows from top brands. The prices are also affordable, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. In addition, if you have Amazon Prime, you can get your delivery within a few days which is great. If you need a pregnancy pillow immediately, mass retailers like Target and Walmart are your best option. Although their selection may be limited compared to Amazon, you don’t have to wait for a few days to get your pillow.

What Is the Recommended Pregnancy Pillow for Me?

Here are some of the top-rated pregnancy pillows you can buy.

1. Boppy Multi-Use Total Body Pillow

The Bobby Multi-Use Total Body Pillow is a versatile option for pregnant mothers. You can use it in multiple ways to make yourself comfortable. For example, you can place it behind your back as you sit or alongside your body when sleeping.

You can also use it to elevate your legs when sitting. The unique contour designs support the head, neck, back, hips, and belly. In addition, it aligns your spine and reduces pelvic pressure and back pain.


2. PharMeDoc Full-Body C-Shaped Pillow

The PharMeDoc Full-Body C-Shaped Pillow offers great support for expectant mothers with its C-shape curves that wrap around the body. This structure helps reduce tension in the neck, hips, and back.

The pillow is built with flexible polyfill material that is lightweight and easy to clean. The cover is made of soft, stretchy jersey-knit material that you can wash in the machine. It is one of the best C-Shape pregnancy pillows you can get today.

PharMeDoc Full-Body C-Shaped Pillow

3. Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme

The Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme Pillow is built to perfectly accommodate the female body around the shoulders, hips, and waists. It offers pregnant women full-body support and relieves pelvic pressure and pain. For full support, the pillow conforms to both sides of the body; back and belly. It also makes a great pillow to use after pregnancy to support the baby when bottle feeding.

What Is the Recommended Pregnancy Pillow for Me?

Final Tip

Mama, Believe Me!Pillow may look like the least of your concerns during pregnancy, but this is true essential for a pregnant woman who needs comfort and support! When it comes to your sleep and good rest, you shouldn’t ever have to compromise !

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