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At What Stage of Pregnancy Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

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Let’s face it, pregnancy comes with a fair share of interesting and not-so-pleasant experiences. One of them is the lack of sleep caused mainly by the physical discomfort you feel. But if we could recommend just one thing that can make sleeping plausible in pregnancy, it would be a pregnancy pillow.

Do I really need a pregnancy pillow?

Do I really need a pregnancy pillow? Many women have asked. Yes, the changing curves of your body make it hard to be comfortable lying down, which translates to a lack of sleep. This is unfortunate because pregnant moms need more sleep than other people because they use double the energy. The pregnancy pillow will support those curves and make sleeping significantly more comfortable.

A pregnancy pillow also helps prevent or alleviate the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. As your belly grows, it puts pressure on your legs, back and hips, resulting in pain. A pregnancy pillow supports these body parts and helps them rest so you can sleep comfortably and be pain-free the following day.

Last but not least, a pregnancy pillow supports the side sleeping position, which is the only position you can sleep on towards your second and third trimester. Sleeping on your side all night is hard and abnormal to most people, but it’s even harder when a belly is pulling on your muscles. Use the pillow to support your belly, so you don’t get that sinking and twisting feeling, and also to cradle your back. The back support means you won’t recline backward in your sleep because it can be dangerous and uncomfortable in pregnancy.

Among the most underrated roles of a pregnancy pillow is sitting between your legs, which aligns your spine and alleviates the risk of back and hip pain. And if you are wise enough to go with a full-body pillow, it cuddles you up like a bear, which makes sleeping so much better.

When to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

There’s no set time to start using a pregnancy pillow because you don’t even have to be pregnant to use it. However, most people find it more useful around week 20 when your belly starts growing fast and putting pressure on everything around it. You will know you need the pillow when sleeping and sitting down become so uncomfortable that you prefer walking outside alone.

The great thing about pregnancy pillows is that they’re still useful even after pregnancy. Your body will still need support to sleep and you can use it for nursing your baby, supporting yourself when breastfeeding, and many other things.

How to Pick the Right Pregnancy Pillow?

Different pregnancy pillows provide support to different areas of the body, so you need to consider your specific needs. For example, full-body pillows cover every inch of the body, ensuring everything is supported and comfortable. Wedge and j-shape pillows, on the other hand, are versatile because you can place them where you need the support most.

Other than that, you must also consider the quality of the fabric, how soft or firm the pillow is, ease of cleaning and softness. You want a pillow that’s comfortable and makes your life as easy as possible.

Quick Summary: The Ideal Pregnancy Pillows Rated by Moms

Pregnancy PillowBest For
PharMeDoc U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow
Best Pregnancy Pillow
Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow
Best Compact
Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge
Best for Travel
Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow
Best for Back Pain

Full Review: The Ideal Pregnancy Pillows Rated by Moms

1.       PharMeDoc U-shape Pregnancy Pillow– Best Overall

This u-shape pillow from PharMeDoc offers support to every inch of your body and contours to the curves and edges of your new shape. It snuggles you into a gentle hug and makes sleep come so easily. The fact that it has a soft cooling cover is a bonus since pregnant moms tend to get hotter than usual.

The pillow has a detachable part that you can take off to use independently if you want, but many people find it better left just the way it is.

Full Review: The Ideal Pregnancy Pillows Rated by Moms

2.       Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow– Best Compact Pillow

One disadvantage of full-body pillows is that they occupy a large part of the bed and sometimes even displace your partner. This Frida Mom pillow is compact and adjustable enough that you can twist, squish and bend it to any shape that suits your needs. We love that it’s made of breathable and cooling micro-bead filling that allows heat to pass through easily, leaving your cool and comfy.

The pillow also demonstrates great innovation as one side is made of stretchy jersey fabric that contours to your body while the other is a non-stretch fabric to secure you in place.

Ideal Pregnancy Pillows Rated by Moms

3.       Hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow– Best for Travel

If you want a versatile, compact, and portable pillow that you can travel with, this Hiccapop wedge pillow is the one. It is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and support as a knee pillow, back pillow, and even a belly wedge.

Interestingly, this pillow also has a soft memory foam layer on one side and a firmer layer on the other to meet different needs. It is also designed with tiny perforated holes that encourage airflow and help you stay cool

Hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow- Best for Travel

4.       Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow– Best for Back Pain

Again, u-shape pregnancy pillows offer support everywhere they are needed. The Momcozy pillow makes sleeping on the side so comfortable and improves blood circulation, which is good for your well-being and that of the baby.

What we love most about this pillow is that it’s filled with silk cotton, making it soft and cloud-like without sacrificing support. The soft outer cover is also a dream to lay on, and it remains cool all night long. For such a low price, you don’t expect something so high quality and comfortable.

Having a pregnancy pillow is a fantastic idea

Final Thoughts

Having a pregnancy pillow is a fantastic idea, because it will help you sleep better and longer. However, the pillow is not a magic pill that will work in every circumstance. Having a good bedtime routine and practicing sleep hygiene is also important. As a bonus, practice meditation or yoga before bed to release any stress or anxiety that may cause sleepless nights.

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